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Architecture Club

'The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our soul' (Pablo  Picasso)

In each organisation there is plan which predicts the development for all those people in the organization but the leaders of the change are always hidden beside it, asking for more. In the second generation of students of the Architecture, one group of students established the "Art&Architecture Club" to serve as the field for all those students who need more space to express their ideas.
Since our club officially exists from last year and it is one of the youngest clubs at the university, we don't have so much experience at the activities but that's the purpose of our club - to make a connection between the "academic" part of the Architecture and practice by visiting the sites, companies, organizing some workshops etc. but also to link the Architecture with other branches of the Art.
With all our ideas we want to enrich our knowledge but at the same time our mission is the progress of the University.