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Journalist Club

The vision of BJC as the journalism club is to produce a school magazine and newspaper which would be focused on educating, motivating and entertaing students and community as a whole. It is our vision and ambition that we strive to put in excellence in what we do, perform what is ordinary extra-ordinarily well and bring about a positive impact in the community and the country at large. What we have as the pioneers of the club is an uphill task, yet we see ourselves succseeding greatly.

The prior goal of BJC is to encourage students to voice their opinions and take an active part in their community. The BJC shall to generate cooperation, goodwill, self-confidence, and sociability through strong unity, and unselfish and indiscriminate association among the members; to acquaint the members with the professional and ethical standards of Journalism and its practice; to promote campus journalism; to support the rights and welfare of the students; to encourage the rights and welfare of the students; to promote harmony and cooperation with other student organizations.