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Linguistic and Language Art Club

The Linguistics and Language Arts club gives students a chance to get together outside the classroom, find out something new about different languages or linguistics, and show their creativity in the art of the written word. At a typical meeting, members informally discuss what they are working on and brainstorm new ideas and projects. Additionally, there are weekly discussions, lectures, and debates on topics relating to language and language sciences. In addition to regular meetings, the club hosts guest speakers, organizes workshops, all in an effort to present current researches in linguistics and popularize it among students. The members of the club are also working on the 'Courier' magazine which is published once a semester. Once a year, the club stages a popular play which is adapted and directed by the club members. All these events aim to help students to get involved in the beautiful world of language, to explore it and  expand their limits in understanding it. As the quote of our official logo says: "The limits of my language are the limits of my world." Membership is open for all students at the university who are v in the mentioned range of fields.